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Welcome to the Celano Canadian Club. We are a community of Italian Canadians preserving, and celebrating Italian culture, with a focus on upholding Celanese traditions in Mississauga Ontario, Canada since 1969.

For over 50 years, the Celano Canadian Club has celebrated Italian heritage, and have kept our traditions alive, building a bridge that spans from our beloved hometown of Celano, to our new home in Canada.

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Celano is a town and comune in the L'Aquila region in central Italy. It's a lively town rich in history, and culture. 

We are proud to blend our Canadian, and Italian traditions to serve our community and club members, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our extraordinary volunteers .

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After 50 years, we continue to preserve our culture and traditions so they can be celebrated for years to come.  

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Thank you for visiting our website. Take a look around to learn more about The Celano Canadian Club, and take a virtual visit to Celano.

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