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Late 1960s

Like many other Italian social clubs, The Celano Canadian Club was created by a group of young native Celanesi who had recently made Canada their new home.

During this era, the young immigrants living in the Toronto area were ripe with enthusiasm, and eager to build new, and successful lives in Canada.

The families in the Celanesi community were strong, and always willing to lend a hand to their fellow Paesani when they needed help.

Something was missing. This bright, young community needed an official organization to represent them, and their families in their new home of Canada.

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The first official meeting takes place on the first Sunday of November at La Luna Ballroom in Weston, Ontario.

The Celano Canadian Club proudly opens an official meeting place in a small store-top unit on Lakeshore Road East, in Mississauga Ontario.


February 22, at 2:00 pm, the first general assembly is held at Lorne Park Public School in Mississauga, Ontario to elect the very first Executive Board of Directors. 


In 1971, The Celano Canadian Club holds the first annual picnic of the Festa dei Santi Martiri in King City, Ontario.

The annual picnic, which celebrates Celano's patron saints Simplicio, Costanzo, and Vittoriano, becomes the heart and soul of The Celano Canadian Club's identity.

Hundreds of Celanesi from all over Ontario, as well as Paesani from Rochester, New York, gathered in the park at the end of August to celebrate Celano's Santi Martiri. 

The picnic allowed the Celanesi community to honour their native hometown, while also forming roots in their new Canadian home, which it has continued to do annually for over 50 years. 

Since the 1970's, each January the Feast of S. Antonio Abate is celebrated.  The traditional dish of 'i ranad' is a specialty dish enjoyed specifically at this feast.


The Club's membership is growing, and they quickly outgrow their original clubhouse. On January 30th 1980 the current clubhouse on Hensall Street in Mississauga is purchased.

The Celano Canadian Club builds an award-winning float of Celano's glorious Castello Piccolomini for the Fritterfest Parade in Mississauga.


The Celano Canadian Club continues to thrive in the community. They host numerous events for members, dinner dances, Italian dignitaries, and even start at bocce league for both men and women. 

Early 2000s

The Celano Canadian Club does what they do best, and bring a taste of Italian culture to a Mississauga arena when it hosts the award-winning Italy Pavilion at Carassauga Festival of Cultures.

The Club continues to foster their cherished Italian heritage with events, celebrations, and religious retreats. Year after year members return to Celano frequently.

The Italy pavilion transported festival goers into an Italian piazza complete with all the sights, sounds, and smells Italy has to offer. 

2010s - 2020s

The Club starts to host even more events such as the 80s Dinner Dance, religious retreats, pasta and gnocchi nights, an annual ladies tea, and an annual organized golf tournament.

From humble beginnings, their determined efforts and commitment to maintain and preserve their Celanese heritage and culture, The Celano Canadian Club has become a fixture in the Italian-Canadian community that has spanned multiple generations.

On September 28th 2019, The Celano Canadian Club celebrates their 50th anniversary with a spectacular gala.

Even through the devastating Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, the unwavering spirit of the Celanese community has kept the members of The Celano Canadian Club hopeful that we will continue to celebrate our heritage and traditions as we always have, together.   

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